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*Essentials Collection - all 8 of our most-loved colours FREE SHIPPING - BACK IN STOCK DECEMBER

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Introducing our long awaited ‘Essentials Collection!’ We have received countless emails, calls, texts and social media posts about these 8 colours, so they are all BACK TO STAY - YAY!!! Say hello to Suzy’s most popular colours, the ones we simply can't live without!  

These 8 gorgeous and totally essential colours will now be available on an ongoing basis trans-seasonally, complemented by our regular seasonal releases.  The range includes:

  • Miss Leah Baby Cocoa, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Amy Baby Pink, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Simone Baby Coral, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Sally Watermelon, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Kitty Black Plum, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Hannah Blood Red, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Cassandra Peony, Whipped Matte Formula
  • Miss Tanielle Desert Rose, Whipped Matte Formula
The 'Essentials Collection' are all in our vegan ‘Whipped Matte’ formula and proudly made in Australia. Presented in our sleek shiny black ‘pop up’ packaging, our ‘Whipped Matte' formula is lightweight like whipped cream, yet long lasting and amazingly comfortable with a beautiful matte finish.  Packaged in beautiful matte cardboard cartons, perfect for gifting!

Formula: Whipped Matte, Fragrance: Strawberry Candy

Vegan & Cruelty-Free, proudly made in Melbourne!

PRO application tip: Apply one or two base coats directly from the bullet, then finish with a final coating applied with a lip brush.

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